Show Team 2015

Not ready for the Show Team? We have Pre Team!

Purpose: The purpose of RockStar Dance Studio’s Show Team is to provide our most committed and driven students with a professional, inspiring, and fulfilling opportunity to develop team sportsmanship, confidence, character, and artistry while anticipating in public performances, competitions, and team activities. Remember, Show Team Membership is a privilege, and as such, must be treated with respect. As a member of Show Team, you represent our dance program; and your conduct and actions in the classroom, on the dance floor, and in the community should not deviate from the proper regulations and conduct herein. Team members must show the ability to work well with their teammates and coaches, determination, dedication, and a clear desire to be a positive and productive member of the team.


*Must be registered for 2 or more classes. One of the required classes is Ballet. 

*Must attend all classes, practices, and mandatory events. 

*This is a one year commitment. August 2017- June 2018 (ends at showcase unless attending nationals in the summer.)

*Follow all the rules and polices of RockStar Dance Studio and RockStar Show Team. 

Show Team 2014

Show Team 2012

Norah- Rookie

Alexa- Veteran

Show Team 2013

​Show Team

Bella- Rookie

Ricky Cabalza Photography, Taylor Jean, Michelle Ocampo, Photos by Justin Russo

Kylin- Veteran

Sadie- Veteran

Caitlin- Veteran

Melody- Veteran

Wendye- Veteran

Finley- Veteran

Taylor- Veteran

Sofia & Caroline


Want to be a member of RockStar's Award Winning Show Team?

​Want the experience of dancing with a competitive dance team, but not sure if you’re ready to commit to a full season? Join our RockStar Dance Studio Pre-Team!

Pre-Team offers:
*No formal audition
*Meet for a minimum of eight (8) practices *Learn one (1) dance routine for competition
*Perform routine at one (1) competition and in RockStar’s Annual Showcase (with possible community performances with Show Team Dancers)
*Cost for season: $175

*Pre Team begins every January. 

Show Team 2016

Ashlyn- Veteran

Mia- Veteran

Kai- Veteran

Show Team 2011