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Teaching Assistants are very important to RockStar Dance Studio. They represent the dance studio, not only as dancers, but also as a member of the RockStar Dance Studio team. Teaching Assistants (TA) is given a great deal of responsibility throughout the year and they become a fundamental part of the class for both the students and teachers.

Each year, RockStar Dance Studio’s Faculty, selects a limited amount of students who have the qualities necessary to be a successful teaching assistant. They must have the maturity and disposition to deal with children in a busy dance class. They must have reached an acceptable level of efficiency in their own dance training. An important piece of dance education is imitation; therefore, RockStar Dance Studio’s TAs must be dancers who we would like our students to emulate. They must be good role models.

Teaching Assistant Responsibilities:

1. A commitment to participate in the program throughout the season.
2. You must arrive to your scheduled class at least 5 or 10 minutes prior to the start of class. You will assist in class set-up such as, warm ups, stretching with students or lining them up at the barre and across the floor. After class you will need to help with putting away any props, shoes, clean-up of items, and overseeing children as they get to their parents.
3. You must wear proper dance clothes. Assistants do not have to wear a certain color but they must dress appropriately in dance attire. No street clothes, sweatpants etc. They must have the right shoes for the technique they are teaching. Hair must be up for ballet and at least pulled back for other classes.
4. During the class, take your cue from the teacher. Over time, you will be asked to take on as much responsibility as you are comfortable with. Initially, you will need to set the children at the barre or in lines, help with corrections and remind them to listen. You will need to help them change their shoes. Eventually you may be asked to teach sessions of the class on your own or to fill in if the teacher is pulled away momentarily or if she needs time to work with a student individually.
5. You will need to know your students’ names. You should be able to correct or encourage them using their name.
6. You are not responsible for speaking to their parents with any questions they may have about their childʼs ability or progress in the class. These types of questions should be directed to the head teacher.
7. TAs will need to help with choreography. They will need to know their classesʼ choreography by heart. They will need to assist with rehearsals for our showcase at the end of the season. The day of the performance they will need to help line dancers up in the wings and “mark” the dance while the children perform. TAs must be prepared to retain a great deal of choreography.
8. Attendance is an essential part of this program. If you must miss a class that you are scheduled to assist, you must notify us in advance. Excessive absenteeism will result in dismissal from the program. Students and teachers rely on TA and therefore good attendance is a must. 
9. TAs should love being with kids and must love to dance. It has been our experience that children teaching assistants and look up to them with admiration. 

The studio owner and faculty will work with our Non-Profit Organization “The RockStar Project” to help our TAs receive scholarships at the end of the season. TAs will receive special recognition at our annual showcase for their efforts throughout the year. 

Students interested in applying for a teaching assistant position must submit a letter of application to the owner of RockStar Dance Studio. Students’ acceptance into the program is based on a review of their application letter, general enthusiasm and attitude demonstrated in all dance classes, and overall dance ability and technique.  They must have the maturity and disposition to work with children in a dance class, and they must have reached an acceptable level of proficiency in their own dance training.

Requirements of a RockStar Dance Studio Teacher Assistant
Minimum age 12 years old.
At least two years of dance participation at RockStar Dance Studio. 
Commitment to the RockStar Dance Studio Teaching Assistant Program for the season (September-June). 
Acknowledges responsibility to be a role model and positive example both inside and outside RockStar Dance Studio. 
Agrees to follow dance uniform policies at all classes. 
Must obtain a CPR/First Aid certification. 
Has parent or guardian approval in order to participate.
Academic grades should be maintained but not allowed to be used for an excused absence of missing your teaching assigned class. 

Submitting your Application Process
Complete an application.
Interview for RockStar Dance Studio Teaching Assistant
If accepted, will have to attend a Teaching Assistant Training

 Directorʼs Note: There are a limited amount of openings for Teaching Assistants each year. There are many variables that go into the placement and scheduling of assistants. We will call/email you once the schedule is in place, if you have been selected.

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