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“Red Carpet Showcase Experience" for those dancers who are participating in Showcase. This experience makes every child a STAR for the day; which means they will be greeted on a red carpet, they will take their showcase photos and end with us filming their showcase dance, of course ALL in their costumes.

- Only 1 parent/guardian will be able to accompany their dancer to the check in for their photo. The parent/guardian will then move to wait outside the studio for when the dance exits after filming their dance. However, we will set up a TV for you to watch while they are being filmed.

-All costumes will be handed out during your dancer's first class of the week during the week of June 8th-13th. For example if your dancer has

Jazz on Monday but takes a class on Thursday and Friday, all of their costumes will be available to take home after their Jazz class on Monday.

-Our Red Carpet Showcase Experience will be "live streamed" on Saturday July 11 for FREE. We will email you the link to share with your friends and family anywhere in the world.

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10th Anniversary Showcase

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